Kenotek Globo 3600 concentrated alcaline prewash
  • Kenotek Globo 3600 concentrated alcaline prewash

Kenotek Globo 3600 concentrated alcaline prewash

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Kenotek Globo 3600 is a concentrated foaming cleaner that is highly effective in removing dirt and road film from all types of vehicles without the need for a sponge.

This pre-wash is easy to use, safe for all types of car paint and can be used with a pressure washer or foam system.

Kenotek Globo 3600 is an alkaline cleaner that acts directly on the existing road surface dirt on the car. Thanks to the non-contact application, it is sufficient to apply the product, leave it to work for a while and then clean it with a water jet using a high pressure cleaner.

Volume: 5 L
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Kenotek Globo 3600 is concentrated so that you only need to use a small amount, up to 4%.

This small percentage makes Globo 3600 a powerful and economical car shampoo.  Ideal for transport companies, taxi companies or companies with many cars.


  • Concentrated pre-wash
  • Alkaline foaming cleaner
  • Can be used with a foam system or by spraying.
  • Cleans all types of vehicles
  • Safe for all types of car paint
  • Brilliant result
  • Non-contact application (no need for a sponge)
  • Removes static road film
  • Easy to use
  • NTA and phosphate free
  • Colour: dark blue
  • pH: about 12 (1%)


Apply Globo 3600 by spraying or foaming, from the bottom up. 
Let the solution soak in, never let it dry.

Rinse thoroughly with a high pressure cleaner.


  • Carwash: 1-3%.
  • Truckwash: 2-4%.

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